How To Get The Best Deal

Buyers are now in a better position when it comes to buying a house. Gone are the days when real estate is a hot market and you need to make an upfront offer as soon as a property is put up for sale. Competition has mellowed down in most areas. This gives buyers an opportunity to be able to deliberate … Read More

Is Buying Sight Unseen Properties Worth The Risk?

For most people, the process of purchasing a house starts with finding what you can afford, finding a lender, finding a real estate manager, making a list of your requirements, checking out properties – a lot of them, making an offer, securing your mortgage and sealing the deal. Visiting and inspecting properties is time-consuming but a very important part of … Read More

Is It A Good Idea To Turn To Foreclosure?

Because of the crash of the housing bubble and the economic slump, many Americans find themselves with a home that costs way less than what they paid for. It’s worse for families who are troubled financially on top of this. Foreclosure seems to be the most logical option. Let’s discuss details and other options. During the housing bubble, many people … Read More

Is Renting Better Than Buying?

Being a homeowner has its perks and privileges but it also comes with a lot of responsibilities which all involve money. You need to think of repairs, taxes, insurance and maintenance. Not to mention city maintenance and repairs for streets, sewers, curbs and sidewalks near your home. If your house is in the corner of the block, these costs are … Read More

Learn To Research For The Best Mortgage Deal

Are you looking to finance a new home? Or are you finding the best mortgage rate to refinance your home? The first step is to shop around. But what does that really mean? Research and prepare. Take time to think and analyze different mortgage plans. You could save a lot by doing this. Take this for example: on a 30-year … Read More

New House Or An Old One?

When you think about buying a home, one of the first questions that come to mind is whether you buy an old house or a new one. A new house may be attractive because everything is new. Nothing has been used yet. The walls are clean, the closets have never been used before, they come with energy-efficient appliances and you … Read More

Should I Buy A Condo Or A House?

Buying a home is a big move. It leads to a series of things to think about. One of them is whether you want to live in a condo or a single unit family house? Each choice comes with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Only you can determine what’s best for you. Michelle and Kevin Millsom, 31 and … Read More

The 7 Roles Of A Real Estate Agent

Their major responsibility is to protect your interest as a buyer and as their client. Their main roles are the following: Educates you about your market. Negotiates on your behalf Analyzes your wants and needs. Guides you to homes that fit your criteria. Coordinates the work of other needed professionals. Checks and double-checks paperwork and deadlines. Solves any problem that … Read More

Why Home Inspection Is Important

According to HouseMaster, a major home inspection company with offices in more than 390 cities in the United States and Canada, 40 percent of previously-owned homes have atleast one damage. Kathleen Kuhn, CEO and president of HouseMaster says, “Virtually every ‘used’ home needs some repair or improvement.” “That’s to be expected. But with today’s high prices, you want to make … Read More