About A.A. Green

Our Vision is to be the most trusted real estate company in northwest Ohio. Our Mission and the reason we exist is to provide unmatched service and care to both our agents and our clients.

In pursuit of these ideals, we believe in:

    • Practicing the Golden Rule day in and day out
    • Providing a culture of honesty and integrity
    • Practicing professionalism no matter what the circumstances
    • Providing a positive experience for our agents and clients
    • Cutting-edge technology for our agents to be successful
    • Challenging ourselves to continuously learn, grow, and improve
    • Open and consistent communication for a lasting experience
    • Helping others at A.A. Green Realty, Inc. to succeed
    • Promoting “We over Me”
    • Challenging ourselves to provide exceptional service during and after any transaction
    • Establishing long-term relationships with every person we touch
    • Addressing problems directly to forge a positive solution or resolution
    • Being a community based company with deep roots
    • Caring about the client’s needs and welfare first
    • Providing the tools and opportunities for our agents to exceed their personal and professional goals
    • Having a little FUN every day!

      Most of all, we believe in our four main pillars of success: Health – Wealth – Love – Happiness.  We believe that when we can focus on these four principles and be committed to both our agents and clients that success for everyone will follow.  We are proud to represent A.A. Green Realty, Inc. and will continue to work to become the most trusted real estate company in northwest Ohio.

      Most Trusted Real Estate Company since 1976

      Al Green, Broker
      Mark Remeis, Realtor